Failure to scale is the #1 business problem you will face in the next decade.

I started this website to help you fix that.

My name is Eric Hsu. 

I’ve spent the last 20+ years of my career helping grow people and businesses in various capacities. I’ve been a manager, business advisor, digital marketer, and M&A lawyer to name a few of my hats. 

My experience has taught me that most business owners start a business (especially when they leave their job to do it) for one reason: to be free. 

They might have different ways to describe this freedom.

Some call it “being my own boss.” Others call it “financial freedom.” Or “doing my own thing.”

Problem is, most business owners never find this. 

At best they find “success” – i.e. lots of customers, but with all this success comes a price. 

Every time I see them they are between meetings, “all booked up with a waiting list,” tired, and harried. They talk about additional business or new customers like they are problems to be avoided. Weekends and evenings are taken up handling administrative tasks like accounting, billing, and governmental filings. 

They don’t find much freedom, financial or otherwise, and many lament the fact that they are “the boss” and “the employee” – they have to do all of the work and manage their business at the same time. 

How does this all end? Sometimes their business fails. Or they close up shop and walk away. Or they sell out for pennies and become an employee again. None of this was the way they envisioned it. 

And it didn’t have to be this way, if only they figured one thing out: how to scale.

In my conversations with business owners, after all the fluff, and formalities have been set aside, when they get to being honest about their problems, inevitably they all have essentially the same question. Sometimes its phrased like “how do I grow from here” or “how do I know when to expand” or “how will I make sure I have an exit strategy” but it really just is the same question: “how do I scale?”

A scalable business grows with ease, can be expanded at the right time, and is always a valuable target for an acquisition (usually the ideal exit strategy for business owners). 

I’m on a quest to help small business owners scale their businesses since I believe that in the next decade, there will only be two types of business owners: those who own a scalable business, and those who eventually work for one. Just look at what Amazon and Walmart (the ultimate scalable retail businesses) have done to the retail landscape.

I’ll be seeking out the top experts  



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